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Rory Murphy
MD RMC Digital

• Rory Murphy has extensive experience in creating go-to-market plans and value propositions that build profitable and sustainable revenue streams by providing actionable insight

• Expert in applying marketing solutions to build data-centric programs to create demand, build awareness & grow pipeline by activating segmentation, targeting and research intelligence

• Versatile and driven professional with highly developed technical, communications and interpersonal skills combined with strong commercial ability in delivering £m+ projects

• Senior Leader of successful and diverse teams in EMEA for major global enterprises across Cloud & Digital Infrastructure, Networks and Media sectors

I have worked with Rory for several years and during that time found him to be a visionary and knowledgable leader. One of the most popular people on the team, Rory has strong people skills and can use these to great effect when trying to negotiate agreements or manage people. I have personal experience of Rory being able to present very technical concepts to less technical audiences which he does well, he is great with sales teams and customers alike. He is genuinely interested in technology and the impact it can have within organisations. He would be an asset to any team where skills, experience and a great people fit are required.

Claire Macland, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing Equinix

Having worked with Rory for 6 years, most recently as his direct manager, I can tell you that you will not find a better balance of deep multi-industry, sales and marketing experience (digital transformation and the digital economy) and steady calm leadership – with a side of clever humor. Working with Rory is not just easy – and really efficient – but its fun! In 2020 Rory represented our organization (Segment Marketing) across the EMEA region and led a team of senior SMEs to help sales, and our partners, plan and executive the most effective pursuit activities – delivering the greatest value to our customers. By Q3 2020, that had influenced over $50M USD in monthly recurring revenue (35% higher than the Americas team).

Steve Madden, Vice President, Digital Transformation and Segmentation Marketing at Equinix

Contact Rory for more details on how he can help your business: rory@rmcdigital.co.uk

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rory-murphy-2a78b937